Actually, it’s been way more kilometers by now since the last post we’ve published on our little blog. It’s definitely about time that we revive it again – but this time in a bit of a different way. But firstly, let me get around it a bit to show what has happened with […]

It’s been a while – and 13.000km have been covered ...

Where else could I last stop be than in Singapore itself? Well, our bike is parked here and this is where we used to live for 1.5 years! Singapore, a majestic little island state that developed from 3rd world country into a 1st world country in less than 50 years. […]

Last stop before the big adventure!

Now that we have been on the islands for about two weeks and had some days with very good WiFi internet access from the places we stayed at, we also had several days and many hours without a stable internet connection. If you treat yourself with a few days off […]

Lesson learned about the internet on the Gili islands

I have moved a lot of times, countries, cities, apartments. But never in my life had I imagined that I would need to “dispose” of most of my clothing. Dispose of why and how you ask? Well, we decided we will travel SEA (South East Asia) and maybe further for […]

Clothing Craze | Female Edition

Xinjiang trip (October 2013) Yuliya: “Well October holidays are coming babe, what are we gonna do?” Sebastian: “I don’t know, but how about we take a look at Skyscanner and set the destination as anywhere. This way it will show us the cheapest destinations and we can choose!” Yuliya: “Great, […]

China Travel | Xinjiang Province | Ancient City of Tulufan

I want to talk about National October holidays in China simply because it doesn’t only have an effect on one country and one nation. But before that lets quickly look at the history of this particular holiday ☺. So The National Day of the People’s Republic of China (Chinese: 国庆节; […]

The National Day of the People’s Republic of China travel ...

Finding a place to stay for cheap when you have certain standards is not easy, especially for us. We might be spoiled just a tiny little bit considering the places we used to live in when we were in China and in Singapore. I lived in China for 8 years […]

Amazing places to stay in Alona beach and Boracay? Yes, ...

Let’s continue on exploring El Nido! You already had some local delicious food, went down to the local market for cheap shopping and enjoyed some stunning sunsets! Now it is time to get on a scooter and go to a famous Nacpan beach with a stopover at the Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls. Do […]

El Nido waterfalls and hidden beaches!

El Nido was “home” to us for 11 days and you know what, as the first stop on our yes yes I will say it, EPIC JOURNEY ☺ it was a good one. Before starting our travel we had a vision in mind, a bungalow on the beach with little […]

El Nido is goodie! Part 1: “Spend only USD 19 ...