Our first guess was not directly the one to go to visit the bird park in KL as there should be so much more to explore. But guess what! We got terribly disappointed by the space museum and had enough time and will to go to the bird park. And […]

A bird park. A BIRD PARK! (but we loved it!!!)

It’s finally time that we are clearly heading towards the start of our big adventure: the two-wheeled-ride from Singapore to Germany! On our way back from Thailand towards Singapore we stopped once more in KL and had a somewhat-productive working week (and preparation time) before kicking in first gear on […]

So, we’re soon about to change our mode of transportation!

We loved our 1 month in Thailand before heading to our next planned destination before kickstarting our motorcycle journey. So, fisherman’s village, especially on Friday evenings when all the local sales and live music goes on, is definitely worth a visit. During the normal days nice as well, but extremely […]

One place you really can’t miss: Fisherman’s Village. And our ...

So, would you guess to find a nude beach on Koh Samui? We certainly did not expect it! And we promise, we won’t show any nudity. (or will we?) Now, before thinking about the “Big Buddha”, please first clear your mind and do NOT connect it to the nude beach […]

Koh Samui Nude beach? And the “Big Buddha” is not ...

And here it is! We found a few nice gems and got all the way out into the “back country” of Koh Samui. Some nice hills to climb, solutions for flat tires to find in the offsite, but wonderful experiences all along the way. Koh Samui really isn’t that boring […]

There’s no way around a “Best Temples” video for Koh ...

After the nude beach it just get’s more crazy. Sexy rocks! Well, maybe not as sexy, they are also called “Grandma & Grandma rock” as they are supposed to represent their.. hold it… genitals! We had to think twice if we really want to go see it, but decided that […]

Koh Samui is just getting naughtier video by video!

If so, let me just blunt it out: WRONG! There’s a few more to come.. So, what’s in it today? Some secret spots that www.geocaching.com led us to! Plus, WALKING ON WATER!! And if you aren’t afraid of Reverse Osmosis, why not giving it a try. (and actually surviving it?)

So you thought we’re done with Koh Samui!?

A small island, one month. Sounds like you’ll be done after a weekend of exploring. It all depends on how deep you go into the jungle and how many seashells you are willing to turn. There’s always a few more hidden spots you didn’t see on day 1! And check […]

Once more Koh Samui! Probably the best explorations we have ...

How do we dare to vote (or vote against) Chaweng beach? Well, we’ve stayed on Koh Samui for a full month and explored as much as we could. The island itself isn’t that large, and we believe we’ve been on almost every road, every possible beach and well, of course […]

Koh Samui again! Chaweng beach yes or no? What about ...

… say 3 or 4 weeks in a row! Why not getting an apartment instead of an expensive hotel room, being able to cook for yourself and still enjoy a dip in a nice fresh pool, cruise around and explore the whole island on a scooter and get to places […]

When you plan to stay on Koh Samui longer than ...